JC's Place Ministries

Lend a Helping Hand wherever it is needed.

We are the mobile ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.  

Our vision is to make a difference on the streets of Niagara Falls!  In a tourist city like this one, it may be difficult to see the great need.  But we encounter problems ranging from drug usage and overdose to  homelessness. This leads to many needs right here on our own streets.

Help us as we address:

Hunger, Lack of Clothing, and a Lack of Social and Mental Support

Serving Hot Chocolate

It is not always about the food, the shirt, the pants, or the shoes that are given.  Sometimes there is  need for a comforting human touch and the spiritual aspect that prayer delivers peach of mind and body that nothing else can do. This man was just released from hospital and still had the heart monitoring tabs stuck to his chest.  Our volunteers are there to help in more than just physical needs.

Meet Our Team

Support Staff
Support Staff